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Air conditioner repair in Dubai

Air conditioning repair in Dubai Some of the reasons for contracting with companies to maintain and clean air conditioners
First, lower electricity costs:
1- Cleaning and maintaining air conditioners from dust and dirt on a permanent basis reduces electricity consumption costs by up to 20%.
2- The evaporator coils, if they are dirty and accumulate dust and dirt, work harder to cool the air. Thus, there will be a greater burden and a greater burden on the air conditioner.
3- When the air conditioning cylinder or fan is full and covered with dust and dirt. In this case the fan needs to increase its speed and reduce the temperature, so it needs more power to cool the place.
4- Cleaning the blower fan from dirt and dust leads to a doubling of the air volume. This reduces the fan voltage and thus reduces the power used.
Second: Antimicrobial Protection:
1- All air conditioners that are used frequently are infected with microbial contamination such as bacteria, fungi and mold, and these microbes increase with lack of cleaning. Air conditioner microbes are an ideal breeding ground for their growth and spread.
2- The moisture that resides on the evaporator coils inside the air conditioner makes things difficult and makes them worse. It helps in the reproduction of mold that damages the lungs when the air conditioning is turned on and inhaling polluted air. It is also dangerous for allergy and asthma patients.
3- Extend the life of the air conditioner:
1- Pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of air conditioners periodically. It increases the life of the air conditioner and ensures its continuity for a longer period, for example caring for car cleaning and maintenance services. Air conditioning also needs regular maintenance and cleaning.
2- Care must be taken to professionally clean and maintain the air conditioning filters and the air conditioning head unit.

The best air conditioning repair, cleaning and maintenance company in Dubai

Air conditioner repair company in Dubai is considered one of the best maintenance and cleaning companies. As it combines experience, accuracy and efficiency while performing its work, it is also characterized by a distinguished work team. Which consists of workers, experts and professional technicians, in addition to the best devices and equipment used during work. Therefore, it is considered one of the best companies in Dubai because of its many advantages. What distinguishes it from other companies is the repair of air conditioners in Dubai.

Features of an air conditioner maintenance and cleaning company, air conditioning repair in Dubai

The company has many advantages, as it is considered one of the most important companies in the field of air conditioning maintenance and cleaning, and it is distinguished from other companies. Where the company offers many distinguished services in addition to the advantages that distinguish it from others, and here are some of the company's advantages as follows…
1- The company's work team:
One of the most important features of the company is its reliance on a group of the most skilled workers, professional technicians and experts specialized in maintaining and cleaning all types of air conditioners of all shapes and sizes. All the company's employees have been trained to the highest standard and have skill and competence. .
2- The company's customer service:
Our company is characterized by the strongest customer service as the company's customer service enjoys kindness and respect for all our valued customers. As the company's customer service is the first destination that expresses the company and the extent of its respect for customers and the extent of their interaction.
3- Working 24 hours a day:
The company operates 24 hours a day and works throughout the week to provide all services at any time that suits its valued customers. This is what distinguishes our company from other companies as we work on the convenience of our customers and not only in the pursuit of money.
Annual maintenance contracts at the lowest prices:
One of the most important features of our company is providing annual, semi-annual and quarterly contracts to all its clients. At the best prices and special prices so that it becomes accessible to everyone who wants to obtain the service.
Best offers and discounts:
Our company offers a lot of offers, discounts and huge discounts, sometimes up to 15% on the service.
Air conditioner repair Dubai

Some of the services provided by an air conditioning repair company in Dubai

The company offers many services for the maintenance, repair and cleaning of all types of air conditioners (sliding – central – window). This ensures that you receive all services related to your air conditioner breakdown, maintenance and repair
Such as the smuggling of Freon gas, which is one of the most important factors that help in cooling the place, and is considered one of the best and most important. The services provided by the company and here are some of the services provided by the company as follows…
1- Air conditioning installation services:
There is no doubt that air conditioners during their installation need experienced, efficient, skilled and professional people. No one can perform this service without resorting to or using a specialized company.
Therefore, our company provides these services based on our reliance on its skill and extensive experience in installing all types of air conditioners. These services are provided by an integrated team of experts and technicians specialized in installing all air conditioners of all shapes and sizes.
2- Air conditioning maintenance services:
It is worth noting that we all know that maintenance of air conditioners extends the life of the air conditioner and increases its efficiency. Therefore, you must pay attention to the maintenance of air conditioners. Therefore, our company is interested in the maintenance and repair of air conditioners in Dubai to carry out maintenance patrols for all types of air conditioners,
This service is carried out by relying on the best methods and special techniques, in addition to the company's reliance on the best trained labor and the best devices, equipment and tools.
3- Air conditioning cleaning services:
Care must be taken to clean the air conditioners, as cleaning them increases their efficiency. Therefore, we are always keen in our company to pay attention to air conditioning cleaning services as one of the important services that cannot be ignored or dispensed with. If you neglect to clean the air conditioner,
This leads to many problems, such as clogged air conditioning coils and poor air exit, as well as air pollution with microbes. Therefore, you should pay attention to the continuous AC cleaning services provided by our company, which is an air conditioner maintenance and cleaning company.
4- Filling Freon gas:
Freon gas is one of the most important factors in air conditioning, as it cools and purifies the air, so it is considered important. In the event of a shortage of Freon gas, the air conditioner does not work properly. Therefore, our company provides Freon filling services imported from abroad. In the event of a shortage of Freon in the air conditioning, you must hurry and contact the company.

Types of air conditioners that are maintained and cleaned

Air conditioners are one of the most important things that cannot be dispensed with anywhere, especially in the summer, and the shapes and sizes of air conditioners vary, so we will tell you about the types of air conditioners to help our customers know everything. Types and forms of air conditioners that they need to know and the most appropriate knowledge for restaurants, hotels, villas, apartments, homes, companies, palaces and places Other types of air conditioners ….
1- Split air conditioners: The air conditioning consists of an internal part and an external part. The split air conditioner is installed without the need to open, crack or make voids in the walls, as the internal piece is installed inside the building or room and the external piece is on the wall from the outside.
It is connected with wires and hoses. This type of air conditioner is distinguished by the fact that during its operation it does not make sounds and distributes air very efficiently. It is also economical and does not consume much electricity. It is considered one of the best air conditioners that are installed and preferred by many customers.
2- Central air conditioners: Central air conditioners are usually used in large and spacious spaces, as they are characterized by their large size, so they are used to cool large places in a super, sufficient and large way, so they are the most suitable for them. With them. With them. Vast areas such as palaces and companies.
3- Window air conditioners: These types of air conditioners are installed through a hole or crack in the walls, where a small area is broken in the wall or wall, the same size as the air conditioner that will be installed, but this type of air conditioner does not prefer most people because it makes annoying sounds during its operation because it cools The air only does not purify the air of impurities and dust, and therefore some people do not prefer it.

How to maintain and repair air conditioners of all kinds

1- At first, the filters are cleaned of dust and dirt or replaced, as dirty filters reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning and sometimes cause its damage.
2- Lubricating some moving parts of the air conditioner. Lubrication can reduce friction and the amount of electricity that an air conditioner needs to function normally.
3- The air conditioning thermostat is set so that it continues to operate at high temperatures and stops working until it reaches the required temperature. If the regulator is not programmed accurately, this can lead to high power consumption as well as not reaching the required temperatures.
4- The coolant level is checked, as if the coolant level in the air conditioner drops below the set percentage, the air conditioning will not work normally.
5- Maintaining and cleaning the condenser. In the event of a malfunction or damage to the condenser, in this case the air conditioner will not work properly.

Air conditioner maintenance company in Dubai

6- Check all electrical connections. If there is a malfunction in the electrical connections, it damages them and stops certain parts from working properly, and sometimes the air conditioner can malfunction completely.
7- Maintaining and checking refrigeration pipes and ensuring their safety and proper functioning.
8- Examine the internal files as they are responsible for distributing temperatures. If any defect or damage occurs, it will result in very cold air.
9- Intensive drainage is cleaned and treated from algae and this is done by applying a special solution to eliminate the spleen and prevent its formation.
10- The fan is checked and cleaned of dust and dirt stuck to it.
11- Check the service valves to ensure that they are working properly.
12- Ensure that the air conditioner operating switches are installed correctly.

Work steps followed by an air conditioning maintenance company in Dubai

The company follows a set of organized steps during the maintenance and cleaning of air conditioners, so the company follows the best methods and steps that help it maintain and clean air conditioners in an organized and tidy manner, and because there are some people who want to know the most important steps that the company follows, the company has clarified the most important steps of work that it takes As follows …
1- Disconnecting the electrical current from the air conditioning connections to ensure its safety during cleaning and maintenance.
2- The company's experts and technicians conduct a comprehensive examination of the air-conditioning devices.
3- All dirt and dust around the external motor located outside the house is cleaned.
4- After that, the front face of the engine is removed and cleaned well.
5- After that, the upper parts of the air conditioning are removed, and during this step, it must be taken into account that no damage occurs to the upper wires of the air conditioner.
6- Clean the tuning fan and blades and lubricate some tuning parts if necessary. It must also be taken into account that no damage occurs to the air conditioner motor.
7- The air conditioning filter is cleaned of dust and dirt, or a new filter is placed according to the needs of air conditioning.

Ways to communicate with the company and request the service

1- Initially, the customer contacts the company's customer service to request the service and to know the details and all the information.
2- After agreement with the client, the appropriate date for starting work is agreed upon.
3- All tools, devices and equipment used in the maintenance and cleaning of air conditioners are prepared after making sure that they are well sterilized.
4- Workers climb to the cars after preparing and sterilizing them.
5- The customer will be contacted at the specified time with Dubai Air Conditioning Repair Company.
6- After the workers arrive at the customer, the electric current is disconnected from all air conditioners.
7- The company's specialized experts conduct a comprehensive examination of all air conditioners

Some air conditioning malfunctions and how to fix them

1- Low levels of air conditioning cooling
Air conditioners are used to adjust temperatures and remove moisture, and this is done by passing air through cooling tubes, so when those tubes are damaged or Freon gas leaks, you end up with a lower degree of cooling.
Therefore, problems with leaking coolant and Freon gas in air conditioners must be fixed.
Its repair does not depend on replacing Freon only, but it may need a technician specialized in repairing and maintaining air conditioners to determine the source of the leak, treat it and repair it, and then recharge the air conditioner with cooled Freon.
2- Freezing of the evaporator coil
The evaporator coil is primarily responsible for absorbing temperatures from the air. Usually, these coils do not work unless warm air circulates around them to function properly. When there is any imbalance in the air flow, it becomes very cold.
In this case, we find that there is a layer of ice that has accumulated on the evaporator coils from the outside until you get warm air flow from the air conditioning and the reason for this is due to the following…
First: The accumulation of dust and dirt in the air conditioner filter:
The air filter produces a uniform air flow, but when it is filled with dust, dirt and dust, it limits the uniform air flow in the air conditioner.

Second: Accumulation of dust and dirt on the evaporator coil:

The accumulation of dust and dirt on the evaporator coil obstructs the movement of the evaporator coil normally, which makes it difficult to absorb temperatures, because this warm air makes the coil work normally, but if the absorption of warm air is disrupted, it will cause the evaporator coils to freeze.
3- Accumulation of dirt and dust in the condenser coil:
The condenser coils are an external part of the air conditioner. It is the part responsible for getting rid of the heat in the house and this is done by expelling it outside the house. If dirt, dust and grime accumulate, it will not cause heat transfer which will cause it to fail to function regularly. And in good health, and therefore there are greater burdens and pressure on the air conditioning, which leads to the erosion of some parts of the air conditioning.
4- Water falling from the air conditioner:
In the event of water falling from the air conditioner, you should check the condensing line immediately, as there may be damage, malfunction or blockage in the water drain pipe that comes out of the air conditioner. If there is a blockage in the drain pipe, it is cleaned and rinsed with pneumatic devices. A solvent is applied to help remove any dirt that may be inside the tube and obstructing the normal flow of water.

The most important golden tips for air conditioning maintenance

There is no home without air conditioners, so one of the air conditioning maintenance companies offers you the best tips that help in maintaining the air conditioners for as long as possible without causing any damage. Here are the most important tips provided by the company as follows…
1- Always keep the air conditioners clean so that they work well and increase their efficiency.
2- The air conditioner filter must be cleaned and washed from dirt, dust and dirt from time to time.
3- Regular maintenance of air conditioners inside and out.
4- The air conditioner evaporator coils must be cleaned of dust and dirt so that the quality of their work does not decrease.
5- Attention should be paid to cleaning the evaporator coils from dust and dirt permanently so as not to damage and corrode the air conditioning parts.
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Air conditioner repair in Dubai 0503061914 Maintenance, repair and cleaning of air conditioners - Al Qimma Company