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Repair of Nadal Sheba air conditioners These devices, like similar electrical appliances, are exposed to sudden breakdowns, which makes them in constant need of repair and maintenance.

Air conditioners are one of the most important things inside homes, companies, factories, restaurants and hotels, and they are one of the most important things that need continuous maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to repairing Nad Al Sheba air conditioners. It repairs all types of air conditioners, whether split or central air conditioners, cast air conditioners, cupboards, and windows. They are also cleaned all the time by the hands of Specialized engineers and skilled workers distinguished in the field of air conditioning maintenance

Nad Al Sheba air conditioner maintenance company

We at Nad Al Sheba provide all the distinguished expertise to repair air conditioners quickly. It is known that air conditioners vary in their shapes and sizes. You must rely on Nad Al Sheba because it is one of the best air conditioning repair centers with great professionalism and work on its maintenance through the use of the best equipment and modern machines that help in repairing and cleaning air conditioners

Air conditioner repair item Al Sheba

If you have air conditioners in your home, you definitely need a center for maintenance and repair of air conditioners of all kinds, and you will not find a better one than Nad Al Sheba, which helps you in repairing and maintaining all air conditioning faults efficiently

Nad Al Sheba Air Conditioning Repairing Team

Nad Al Sheba has a large team of engineers and distinguished experts in carrying out air conditioning malfunctions, which air conditioners may be exposed to suddenly.

Our team provides all home services to repair air conditioners so that the customer does not have to provide private cars in order to transfer the air conditioners

Nad Al Sheba also has a customer service team to respond to all customer inquiries in order to obtain air conditioning maintenance with the highest level of expertise and excellence. We work hard to help you get the best of our services and obtain a proper device

Call Band Al Sheba at any time and be confident that we will help you and provide you with the best maintenance services because we are working to provide all the maintenance operations that the customer desires. We work around the clock

We rely on providing the best advanced methods in repairing air conditioners, as we provide the best air conditioner maintenance specialists who have many years of experience, in addition to accuracy and workmanship. We also provide original spare parts.

Air conditioning installation in Nad Al Sheba

We are the best in the process of installing air conditioners. We have specialists in the work of foundations and extensions. We also have engineers and programmers for all air conditioning devices. Once the air conditioner is connected, it is examined and the customer is introduced to the best ways to deal with air conditioners to reduce malfunctions. If you want to establish and prepare the building for air conditioning devices, do not hesitate to contact us.

The best ways to protect air conditioner lines from damage and how to isolate them to prevent friction with the applied layers, which results in Freon leaks

We also provide the best types of Freon (American Freon), which extends the lifespan of the air conditioner and does not have any odors.

Tightening and connecting the water drain pipe well so that no leakage occurs on the building

The importance of regular maintenance of air conditioners

The periodic maintenance process for air conditioners increases the life of the air conditioner and prolongs its life. The maintenance process is through cleaning the air conditioner, lubricating the motor, detecting the percentage of Freon in the air conditioner, and detecting any leakage of copper pipes for air conditioners. We also work on maintaining the air conditioner fan

The best central air conditioner technician, Al Sheba

Maintenance of central air conditioners in Al Sheba requires technicians with long experience in different types of air conditioners. We have specialists who are fully familiar with all modern and old models of air conditioners and the necessary maintenance work

The most important ways to repair air conditioners Nad Al Sheba

When the central air conditioning service fails, especially during a heat wave, you may have to wait days for an air conditioning repair technician to appear, and you may pay huge sums

Central air conditioning repair

The central air conditioner needs continuous and periodic maintenance, as filters, electrical wire coils and air distribution blades are detected, and the central adjustment may be exposed to malfunctions, which makes it always in a state of repair from faults

Water leakage

Hearing strong sounds from the compressor leads to poor efficiency of the air conditioner

The need for the air filter to clean and remove the dust and dirt that formed inside it, which leads to its stopping.

Engine wear due to temperature

Detecting the water hose of the air conditioner

Removing the dust on the air conditioner

As a result of these problems, you need a maintenance center specialized in repairing all faults

Types of air conditioners

split air conditioner

It does not need to crack or open large voids in the walls during its installation, so the condenser unit is installed outside and the evaporator unit is outside, and thus the air conditioner is turned on. The installation process is much easier

window adjustment

Usually, it requires cracking the walls to open an empty space in the wall, but usually there is no sound during its operation, and this is annoying

package air conditioner

It is suitable for houses consisting of two or three floors, but one of its disadvantages is that it needs large skylights and air ducts.

It works to draw the indoor air, cool it and return it to the interior after mixing it with proportions of pure air

Chiller conditioner

Fresh and fresh air is obtained where the cooled air is mixed with the percentage of clean outside air, and cold water is used after cooling it in special coolers.

Air conditioner cleaning methods

Before starting the process of cleaning the air conditioner, disconnect the power supply

The compressor, which is the outer part of the adjustment, is cleaned

When cleaning the air conditioner, it is better to wear masks and wear eye protection glasses

Crystal is used to get rid of dirt and dust that is found on the outer part of the air conditioner

Then a piece of wet cloth is used, cleaned and then dried

The upper part of the air conditioner is removed to clean the motor and fan from the inside

If the fan needs to be lubricated, a lubricant spray is used and sprayed on the fan

To clean the outside of the air conditioner, you can use a vacuum cleaner from dust, then use a water sprayer and a piece of cloth and wipe the air conditioner with a little soap

After the cleaning process is completed, the conditioner is dried well and the water residues are disposed of

Clean the sides of the air conditioner with a soft brush to get rid of dust

Attention to clean the drain hose and make sure that there is no dirt stuck to it

Thus, the adaptation becomes clean and ready to operate and enjoy fresh and clean air

Features of Nad Al Sheba AC Repairing

We provide our services by relying on the best team of engineers and technicians specialized in the repair and maintenance of air conditioners

We are committed to accuracy and commitment to the dates agreed upon by the client

We have the best equipment and sensitive devices to detect faults in air conditioners without dismantling the adaptation

We have guaranteed original spare parts with warranty

Air conditioner maintenance tips

To maintain the air conditioner for a long time, the power must be disconnected from it for a period of time to protect it and its ability to cool the air and work continuously

Pay attention to cleaning the air conditioner periodically to prevent the accumulation of dust and dust on it, which stops it from working, and the dust is removed using a soft brush

Ac repair in dubai, air conditioning repair in dubai