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Washing Machine Repair In Satwa Dubai 0503061914

Washing machine repair in Satwa Dubai 0503061914

Repair of Satwa washing machines in Dubai, is one of the services that
It cannot be dispensed with, and this is why washing machines are very important for every home as well
Major institutions such as hospitals and hotels, the problem of washing machine malfunctions is one of the problems
Which needs immediate maintenance and that must be done by the best washing machine repair technician
Satwa in Dubai.

You have to deal with a specialized technician and a great deal of
Skill and craftsmanship at work Because maintenance work requires a long time, a repair company
And maintenance of washing machines in Dubai, providing centers spread in Satwa to be close to customers
To ensure speed of communication.

Numbers of Satwa Washing Machine Repair Centers in Dubai

You can now search in the washing machine repair numbers directory
Satwa in Dubai, you will find many results through which you can request a service
The center closest to you, the most experienced and the most distinguished in providing its services.

Satwa washing machine maintenance centers in Dubai are interested in providing
Its services in a professional and accurate manner, with the help of the best technicians in the areas of repair
And maintenance of household appliances, especially washing machines of all kinds and brands.

We train our technicians to deal with
Various types of washing machines, whether automatic or top-loading automatic,
And because we always strive for excellence in the services we provide, we created a special department for maintenance work
And repair of Satwa dishwashers in Dubai.

Find a Satwa Washing Machine Technician Number in Dubai,
And he communicated with the best technician specialized with the testimony of customers who had previously dealt with him and this matter
It can be confirmed from customer technical reviews on the website.

If the washing machine problem is frequent and no solution has been found
Finally, you have to search for the number of a washing machine maintenance center in Dubai, with great experience in this work
Which sends you the best technicians to Satwa to check the washing machine and work to find the cause
main holiday.

There are washing machine repair and maintenance companies in Dubai
It opens branches in Satwa in Dubai, and this is to meet customers' requests for equipment repairs
Household in Satwa in Dubai.

From now on, you can easily contact any of the repair centers
Satwa washing machines in Dubai, through the website, text message service and numbers
Phones and these facilities to communicate to be closer to customers with the service of receiving orders on
All day at any time.

The most common faults in automatic washing machines

There are two types of automatic washing machines, one of which is upper
Loading, which is one of the distinctive washing machines in the ability to open, add and remove clothes
During operation with ease, unlike side-loading washing machines, which can never be opened
after booting.

Each type has its own operating method, advantages and disadvantages
and this is what we explain below:.

1. The combustion of the command card

In automatic washing machines, there is a keypad or
The so-called powder, which works to give orders to the washing machine to wash, spin and drain
drying and filling with water.

In the event that one of these aspects stops, know that there is
A defect in the card, which needs either maintenance or replacement with a new one, and this solution is
Mostly, for this reason, Satwa washing machine maintenance centers in Dubai provide all the boards for all
Brands of washing machines above automatic.

It also ensures a correct installation by a washing machine repair technician
Above Satwa Automatic in Dubai, which received training in dealing with this type of
Washing machines, while giving the customer a long warranty on installation and maintenance.

2. The drum does not rotate

In the case of automatic washing machines with side loading
Although the water is drawn, the electric current is connected, and the bulb lights up, it does not rotate, and this is the case
Refer to several reasons, including the fall of the suit from the belt, damage to the bearings, or combustion
The motor and its capacitor is damaged.

Hire a dishwasher repair technician
Satwa Automatic in Dubai, which specializes in dealing with these types of washing machines
Side loading and precisely locates the defect and works to fix it.

3. Do not clean clothes after washing

This problem is experienced by many women though
From using a suitable and high quality washing powder, but the problem is that there is no water drain
Washing well in the washing machine, a part of the soapy water remains, and the rinse water is filled with water
It keeps the dirt on the clothes, even if its effect is less.

Here you should hire a technician who specializes in repairing washing machines
Al Satwa in Dubai, to check the washing machine and find out the reason why the water does not drain properly
The good.

4. The washing machine vibrates and makes noise when running
and the afternoon

The problem here is due to several reasons, including damage to the assistants
Drum or ball bearing for the case or engine.

Also, the laundry is not weighed inside the drum and is concentrated in one part
One leads to the appearance of a loud sound with the spinning, as well as not placing the washing machine on a flat surface
Which leads to imbalance and the occurrence of high shaking with the times.

5. Water leakage from the washing machine

There are many reasons that lead to this problem, including the presence of
A hole in the drum leads to water leakage from the bottom of the washing machine, and the presence of a cut in the door sash, which
It leads to water leakage.

There is a cut in the pump, and there is a leak from the feeding hose
For the washing machine, there is corrosion in the place of the heater or thermostat for the washing machine.

In order to be sure of the real cause of water leakage, it is necessary to
Hire one of the Satwa washing machine repair centers in Dubai, to be able to achieve a result
Good at repairing malfunctions.

Ways to maintain washing machines and avoid exposure to malfunctions

There are some important tips to adhere to in order to avoid
Washing machine malfunctions, which the customer may carry out without realizing how dangerous it is to the customer
The device, and this is why the maintenance technician of Dubai washing machines is working to clarify some important points in
Maintain washing machines such as:.

1. Not to stand on the washing machine for any reason
This is because it is subjected to pressure and an increase in the weight of the suit, and this leads to
Separation from pregnant women holding them.

Do not open the washing machine door after washing is finished until five minutes have passed
Pull the door tight so it doesn't break.

3. The necessity of keeping any source of moisture or water away from the body
The washing machine and this is to protect it from corrosion and rust in its outer structure.

4. The need to clean the feeding tubes of the washing machine from any
Sediment or dirt is present in it, and this is to prevent the feed hole in the washing machine from being clogged and not being passed through

5. It is necessary to implement a separate drain for the washing machine, separate from the drain
The kitchen or bathroom, and this is to avoid drain blockage problems that occur as a result of the accumulation of sediments
The soap used in the washing machine, and this task can be carried out with the help of the best plumber
Satwa in Dubai, who carries out these connections with great skill.

6. The necessity of adhering to the washing machine load of clothes and not
Increasing its quantity, which may exhaust the drum and cause it to fall and not rotate.

7. It is recommended to do a vinegar cleaning course without a course and this is
To clean its drains and reduce the chances of clogging.

8. It is preferable to run the washing machine once a day and not to repeat it
Run it a day for more than one wash cycle.

Do not hesitate to contact the best washing machine repair company
Satwa in Dubai, and enjoy washing machine repair service at home in Dubai, with high quality and at a price

Washing machine repair in Satwa Dubai 0503061914