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Washing machine repair in Dubai

Al Qimma Washing Machine Repair in Dubai, a service provided by one of the electrical repair companies in Dubai, which was keen to provide trained staff to deal with all types of washing machines of different sizes to be ready to assist any customer who contacts Dubai Electricity Company. No. of an appliance repair company and requests their services which he performs very skillfully.

And because washing machines are indispensable home appliances, we respond to the requests of our customers in Dubai as quickly as possible and go to them immediately to work on checking and maintaining automatic washing machines in Dubai, checking and maintaining automatic washing machines in Dubai and working on repairing faults quickly and accurately.

The best washing machine repair company in Dubai

There are several components that make our company among the washing machine repair companies in Dubai the best electrical appliance maintenance company in Dubai, which are:

Availability of original spare parts for different types of washing machines from different brands, all of which are original and have a documented warranty from their manufacturers against manufacturing defects.

The availability of a large number of washing machine maintenance technicians in Dubai who perform repair work and install spare parts with a high level of sophistication and accuracy in work.

Washing machine repair prices in Dubai, we have much lower than the washing machine repair prices in Dubai, from the competing companies.

Quickly go to the customer's location and schedule the earliest time to visit him, inspect the washing machine, and bring everything needed to service it as soon as possible.

Be sure to provide maintenance services for dryers in Dubai at the customer’s home, to further reassure the customer and work in front of him to repair the washing machine without having to move it or unload it from its place and save it. Transportation expenses and long waiting in maintenance centers until maintenance work is carried out.

Ease of contacting us from more than one way, including through the website, sending messages about vacations to schedule the earliest appointment, or calling the washing machine maintenance number in Dubai. You will find a team of our employees ready to take orders throughout the day, every day of the week.

We are professional in performing Samsung washing machine maintenance in Dubai, LG washing machine maintenance in Dubai, and semi-automatic washing machine maintenance in Dubai, and for all makes and models you will find technicians at the highest level of craftsmanship to do Emirates washing machine repair work.

We offer the service of contracting with laundries, hotels and resorts that require the presence of a technician specialized in maintaining and repairing huge laundry malfunctions that exist in such establishments, and they are offered at special prices, as we are the cheapest washing machine repair center in Dubai.

Now find the washing machine repair number in Sharjah, and don't waste your time looking for the automatic washing machine repair technician number in Dubai, which is unreliable.

Washing machine repair in Dubai

The most famous problem that you may find in electric washing machines with a metal structure is that it is exposed to rust and rust, and this reduces the efficiency of the washing machine’s work and the disintegration of the parts of the washing machine from the inside, in which the drum is separated from the body and the legs of the drum lift are separated from it and thus the washing machine becomes unusable.

But when dealing with us, this problem will be removed because we are working to provide all types of structures for many brands of washing machines, all of which are original, and we are working to install and install them in all parts of the washing machine accurately and properly with its experience for the customer and provide him with a long-term warranty against installation and body manufacturing defects

Fix crash problems

The washing machine may work well in all stages of washing and rinsing, but in the spinning stage it stops working and the laundry comes out wet with water and this is a big problem, and here the washing machine is well checked to determine its cause and cause. The reason may be damage to the operating panel of the washing machine and its inability to give the order to the washer with a fast spin and dry the laundry.

Here we can provide a good laundry that has a long warranty, as it is original and from the same source as the washing machine, and it is installed with high efficiency.

The problem may be in the cylinder holders, which helps them to move and rotate to dry, so they are checked and repaired or replaced with a good one.

Fixing the problems of the drum that does not spin in the washing machine

You may be surprised when the electric current is connected to the washing machine with the sound of the motor or dynamo running and without movement in the drum. Here, you should immediately contact a Dynamo washer repair technician in Dubai, who will check the engine and identify the problem, which may be due to damaged rubber bushings or damaged bearings.

As for the problem of connecting the current and not hearing the sound of the dynamo spinning at all, the problem may be the biggest combustion of the motor and here the need to install a new motor.

Fixing a defect in the washing machine not draining water

The washing machine does its full work by washing, but when the water is drained to start the rinsing phase, we find that the water does not drain and here the problem lies in the pump or in the drain pipes of the washing machine, so all the reasons are examined and worked to solve them to drain the water naturally to complete the journey of cleaning clothes.

Washing machine maintenance tips

There is no doubt that the phenomenon of washing machines malfunctioning and their need for periodic maintenance due to the large number of their problems is noticeable, but this is not due to manufacturing defects, but rather to the lack of proper use of washing machines. The device leads to frequent malfunctions. That is why one of the automatic washing machine repair companies in Dubai was keen to provide some tips that protect the washing machine from frequent breakdowns and keep it in the best condition for as long as possible, such as:

Do not place the washing machine in the bathroom in order to protect the external metal structure from corrosion and fading, so after a short period you will not need to purchase a new external structure to maintain the washing machine and its level of efficiency in it. work.

Run the washing machine once a day, while adhering to the amount of laundry corresponding to the load of the washing machine without increasing, in order to maintain the cylinder feet and raise the engine.

Run a white vinegar wash cycle once a month to clean the water and powder drain connections and get rid of the sediment that builds up in them and clogs them up in the long run.

Make sure to clean the washing machine internally and dry it from the water, this opens the door for a while after removing the laundry from it to renew the air in it. Also, be sure to run a hot cycle with a disinfectant that kills mold and mildew that grows from moisture inside the drum, spreading the stench inside and transferring it to clothes.

The washing machine should be placed on a flat surface to avoid vibration and vibration during operation and the drying cycle, resulting in noise and disintegration of the internal parts of the washer.

It is necessary to use the appropriate detergent powder for the type of washing machine. Automatic washing machines need low-foaming powder unlike regular washing machine powder.

Do not place heavy objects on the surface of the washing machine, as they will damage the structure of the washing machine itself.

It is important to check the pockets of soiled clothes before putting them in the washing machine, in order to remove any forgotten hard objects inside that may damage the drum when placed in the washing machine.

Finally, it is essential to deal with an authorized washing machine repair center in Dubai, to make sure that you will get excellent service with the highest professional standards in order to maintain your electrical appliances to avoid frequent damage.

Dubai areas where we operate:

All areas in Dubai, including Dubai Marina, Dubai Sports City, Motor City, Jumeirah and JLT, in addition to other areas in Dubai such as:

Commercial gulf
Al Quoz
Al Barsha
Arabian Ranches
Dubai Silicon Oasis
Academic City
Al Warqa'
Bur Dubai

Request a washing machine maintenance number in Dubai now, and you will find in the shortest time the immediate start of maintenance work for washing machines and towels in a professional and professional manner.

Washing machine repair in Dubai – 0503061914 Al Qimma to repair all types of washing machines at the cheapest prices

Washing machine repair in Dubai