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Nad Al Sheba Washing Machine Repair Welcome to the first center to provide repair and maintenance service for washing machines of all brands and models. Semi automatic washing machines – over automatic washing machines – automatic washing machines. We are the only ones at Nad Al Sheba. We provide you with a washing machine repair service at home, whatever the fault of the washing machine, whatever its type and model.

We have a group of engineers specialized in all maintenance, repair and installation of original spare parts in order to guarantee you the efficiency of maintenance and its good work while giving the customer a warranty certificate for the washing machine for what has been repaired or maintained

Nad Al Sheba automatic washing machine maintenance

We have engineers with long experience in the field of automatic washing machine repair, as they are trained on the types of new washing machines circulating in the market, whether automatic or automatic washing machines. They have the experience that qualifies them to locate damaged spare parts in the washing machine and carry out maintenance work at home efficiently.

We also guarantee that you will get a completely clean washing machine and free of dirt that leads to washing machine malfunctions

We care about the customer in very many things to maintain your washing machine for a long time because having a washing machine in the house is very necessary, as the housewife cannot manage the affairs of her safe washing machine through the washing machine of any type or brand

It is known that after some time from using the washing machine, some damages such as

Some blockages occur in the washing machine during the washing process

Damage to the washing machine motors or the operating system

The washing machine drain hose is clogged and the washing machine does not drain water

Washing machine pump clogged

The washing machine vigorously vibrated, which is the result of overloading the washing machine

Nad Al Sheba washing machine repair

It has the great ability and high experience in repairing any malfunction of the washing machine and solving all the problems that they solve. The malfunctions may be the result of using the washing machine frequently.

Therefore, we strive to help customers in all ways and possibilities to keep washing machines promising to work efficiently

We have final and effective solutions to overcome all problems of washing machines such as automatic washing machines that do not drain the water – do not dry – reprogram the washing machine – or reset the factory of the electric washing machine. We have solutions to all problems immediately and re-work it with the highest quality and efficiency and the use of original spare parts

Nad Al Sheba washing machine maintenance

The maintenance process is carried out by a group of engineers who specialize in the maintenance of washing machines, and they have great skills in identifying damaged spare parts. The maintenance process or the change of spare parts is not random, but we have a group of sensitive devices that detect fault locations with ease in order to ensure that the washing machine works efficiently.

The most important steps for maintenance of washing machines, Nada Al Sheba

Maintenance of Nad Al Sheba washing machines by providing a helping hand to their distinguished customers and providing the best washing machine maintenance steps to get a clean, fast and usable washing machine, and one of the most important of these steps that helps extend the life of the washing machine

Our team uses the latest machines and equipment for dismantling the washing machines and working on examining them from the inside and detecting the outer structure of the washing machine, as it is exposed to rust and corrosion as a result of water leakage, so we deceive it and replace it with another structure

Technicians repair the inner drum of the washing machine after inspecting it and making sure that there is a defect in it. This process is carried out under the supervision of engineers specialized in the repair process

Inspect and detect the washing machine motor and motor assembly using sensitive detection devices and change them with original spare parts

Inspecting the washing machine hose and making sure that there are no pieces in it that leak water or a blockage in it so that the team changes it if necessary or wiring it

The plumbing technician who is part of our team detects the drain pipes and changes them if necessary with new ones due to their ability to withstand water pressure

The occurrence of some unpleasant odors in the washing machine will be caused by the formation of water and detergent deposits related to the walls of the washing machine from the inside. These smells may be transmitted to the clothes, as there are types of bacteria that live inside the water, which affects our health

In order to prevent this problem, the washing machine door and the soap drawer door must be opened for a few minutes to dry and get rid of odors. This is a household step that must be done after each washing.

As for our team, we provide you with all maintenance services for washing machines through engineers who have obtained the highest certificates of experience in the process of maintaining washing machines and providing original and imported spare parts.

Automatic washing machine repair in Nad Al Sheba

Nadal Sheba is distinguished by the repair of automatic washing machines, as it is a pioneer in the field of repair and maintenance of automatic washing machines located in homes, in large laundries or in hotels, where we do the necessary maintenance for all brands of automatic washing machines available in the UAE. We have the required spare parts, so be in touch with us at any time and we will repair washing machines immediately

Maintenance of automatic washing machines Nad Al Sheba

It is concerned with making the utmost effort and doing quick maintenance work on types of washing machines and solving problems resulting from operating malfunctions or resulting from thermostat malfunctions – heater work – and damage caused by pumps – or door switch

Advantages of repairing washing machines Nada Al Sheba

Fill in your original and imported spare parts

We specialize in the maintenance of all electrical appliances, home refrigerators and supermarket refrigerators of all sizes

We have engineers and technicians at the highest level of experience and efficiency and identify faults in seconds, thanks to the experiences

It has a work team specialized in washing machine maintenance and trained on the latest modern technologies for automatic washing machine repair work

It has the best types of modern equipment and machines to carry out maintenance work for washing machines of all kinds, regular and automatic washing machines

We are always the best in maintaining washing machines and getting devices that work efficiently, as we have the competence that qualifies us to do the work of washing machines

The washing machine is not working, it may be full of water, but it will not work

The washing machine repair technician checks the power cord and makes sure it is connected. Check the washing machine door. An error may occur in the load washer cover that closes incorrectly.

Mistakes that occur while cleaning the washing machine

Many people make many mistakes while cleaning the washing machine, and this may cause complete damage to the washing machine

Ignoring the information about the washing method and choosing the wrong program will cause damage to the washing machine

Excessive addition of washing powder, which causes damage to the washing machine, so an appropriate amount of powder should be placed with water

Leaving wet laundry in the washing machine for a long time, which causes unpleasant odors to come out of the washing machine and causes damage to the structure of the washing machine

Placing clothes with metal objects, which causes damage to the internal parts of the washing machine and exposes them to slashing or rusting.

Putting an excessive load of laundry in the washing machine, which costs it a lot of effort, causing damage to the washing machine and at the same time it does not do its job well and dirt accumulates in the filter in it

Washing machine maintenance tips

Do not wash clothes with unpleasant odors in the washing machine, as the smells are transmitted to the washing machine and stuck to some clothes

The use of natural solutions to make a cleaning cycle for the washing machine, such as using the boil, putting it in the washing machine drawer and running it on the lowest program

Use a clean, dry towel to dry the washing machine, inside and out, and leave it open for a few minutes

Washing machine repair at dubai and all over dubai